WordPress 5.0 release postponed to November 27

WordPress 5.0 release postponed to November 27

WordPress 5.0 release postponed from November 19 to November 27! Cause caused by many bugs

This was announced beforehand. Although the initial release schedule may have postponed to 27th, it could be realized if it goes well. So it can be said that it was delayed as expected.

The plugin version of Gutneberg should have been 4.0 when the November 19 release was announced, but since it is now known that it will go up to 4.4, the bug is still included.

I am on the Developer side and I am writing articles after grasping the behavior of these bugs to a certain extent.

I notice some problems in the process.

When using Gutenberg, I can not scroll.

This is abug that prevents the WordPress administration menu from being scrolled when using the Gutenebrg editor.

I can not set custom taxonomies.

With the Gutenberg editor, you can not edit taxonomies other than the standard “tag” and “category”. To do this, you can only use Quick Edit on the Article List page.

Some of the core blocks do not work

For example, “Embed” block and “Column” block do not respond properly. This is fatal.

I am writing about this in the following and also puts a patch patch on the plugin I am developing. (User urged strongly.)


As it is, Gutenberg still has a bug, so it seems necessary to wait a little more.